Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear Friends,
Like yoga, alpha dhyanam is a kind of art that goes its way in serving for the human-beings,get out of their stress, depressions etc. It becomes very popular now-a-days, among all sections of the society.

It is nothing but simply, one's deep inner soul (consciousness) with full positive energy fed into him.
We all know that our brain has two side functions, namely,'the left and the right'. In this, left is
logical one giving wavering of so many intuitions and negative and guilty thoughts surrounded. This will hamper the prospects and prevent us from doing right things.It seems something analytical, chattering in confusion.

WHEREAS, the Right Brain is very positive in inducing your inner conscious ,towards your further ongoing achievements and positive being in you. By contracting your mind, deep into unique thoughts, these dhyanams  helps  maintaining  peace and concentrate on the high thinking power generated, called ALPHA and that brings patience and courage of wisdom wills. This is the beginning and the first stage of Mind consciousness. Proper learning with the experts, this can be further developed and positive results will be worked out..' Leave your anger and depression, try to be positive in depth of your mind and soul which would lead to next stage of Dhyanams.
HIGH WITH POSITIVE ENERGY INPUTS. The other stages Beta, Deta are the empowerment of Godliness in the soul, that we can discuss in our later blog notes.

Thanks and Regards,
TV Narayanan

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